Friday, May 21, 2010

SUNlight DesertNIGHT ColorfulBRIGHTS

Last weekend we went camping at BURNT RANCHERO hour outside of san diego in the Cleveland National Forest...GORGEOUS! it's so funny when you see the desert from a distance...the closer you look the more colorful it becomes..right before your eyes...
we took a 5 mile hike to end up at the most refreshing oasis...i was so hot and ready to chill out and dip in the had little waterfalls streaming over large rocks...i felt like a turtle sunbathing! haha the group of people were perfect...we did a midnight hike with our NIGHT VISION...Celina and i were strick about NO's amazing how much more we saw with our naked eyes...singin' every song we could think under the star filled sky shinning down on us...we tried to create our own constellations...we danced around the fire...i played drums on a cooler...i brought my old axe i found when hiking with Melissa...Celine said "oh good emily, you brought your "TOMAWALK" omg..instantly died laughing...instead of TOMAHAWK all weekend we called the AXE "TOMAWALK" haha...but i thank Celina and Steve for inviting me on this AWESOME camping weekend...we gotta do it again and again!



SKELETON BAG!! awesomeeee

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am sooo happy to be back in CAli..i never thought i would say those words, being away made me appreciate this place in which i was SOO OVER 9 weeks ago before i left for OZ...i now have a new found love for my home, my friends, my job! It's not where you are but who you're with!!!
I am myself again!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

My dream shorts...KSUBI SS1011

Monday, May 10, 2010


SOO EXCITED!! got my drums outta storage today at lunch! set up in the Roadhouse!!
I AM GONNA PLAY AGAIN!! felt so good just to set them up like old times...every time I set up it reminds me of my band, all the memories come back, piece by piece...the blood splatter on my tom, the "spit of Ale" on my cymbol, the beer splatters everywhere...ahhh good times!
33, Dubs and I are back in action!! WATCH OUT!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Mike Kershnar's art show was KILLER! such a rad dude with a rad style!....
from bow drills, skate decks and art pieces...
he has such a dope color palette and kills it merging organic shapes with geometric attitude!

OH HOW I LOVE THESE OUTFITS!! not really suited for DESERT weather though...

NEW TEEN VOGUE may issue!

too bad summer is coming...

Beautiful Disaster...ICELAND VOLCANO

Check out Orvaratli's (icelandic photographer) photo's of this amazing eruption!!
even one with Northern check out more of his photography: