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ART SHOW next week OCTOBER 4th 6-9

It was actually a challenge to think of what to do for my version of the American Flag. I am really an optimistic/positive person but the flag has always been a negative symbol in my mind, it reminds me of all the times we went to war and how many people have died for this so called "freedom". So when this project came along I thought OK now it's time to see the silver lining in this. Stars have a more spiritual meaning to me. So I translated my version of the flag to have the actual stars in my design. I believe we came from the stars themselves like when the "big bang" happened. So incorporating where we came from into my version of the United States flag was a statement of "let's get back to where we came from" and getting back to nature; our roots. The stripes are so uniform and straight in the US flag but not everything in life is perfect. My op art like stripes represent the imperfections and it's a contrast to the illusion that not everything is what it seems with in the politics and the symbology of our country. The women's lips represent the fact that we are not so silenced as we used to be and we are being taken more seriously in the political world.

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 i had this actual cassette player! 

some of my old collage scraps!


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Barbie Dream house in my size come to life?! GORGEOUS!! mom...can you re-decorate my "mid-west" modern place to look like an 80's-pastel-flouro-miami-staycation? TRENDLAND

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Grimes - Genesis

Seriously the best album I have bought all year, love this girl. It's sending industrial yet fluid melody's thru  melting my ears. Sometimes there is a blur between her haunted whimsical voice and the music, they go together like rainbows and unicorns.

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my mom's email this morning melted my heart...

Saturday night I woke up at about 2 AM because I heard you whisper, "mom, mom" in my ear like you did when you were a little girl. I woke up saying, "yes?". It was so real that i couldn't get back to sleep for a long time... I wish it had been real - it made me miss those days and you. love mom

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


one of my fav jewelry designers MELODY EHSANI is collabin' with NCLA..dopest nail wraps!!

“Creativity is inherent, it’s very much like a spiritual practice that requires a lot of faith because you’re creating things that haven’t existed before and you’re moving through the dark for a long time before you see a glimmer of light.”
— Melody Ehsani