Monday, March 29, 2010

I THINK I NEED THESE least!!!....uuhh HUH!

NEWTOWN JETS...went and saw some FOOTIE!!

Kimbo and i went and watched a high school FOOTIE (rugby) match..sat on the hill side drinking KB cans of beer...(prob equlivant to PBR)they had sausage sando's and nothing high tech about this digital score boards, it's like you stepped into the 70's..we cheered on the team..listened to an old bloak yellin his head off spraying spit...yelling for the other team "black and white dynamite, bloody hell fucking blah piss this and piss that" at the top of his lungssssssss!! hahahah sooo funny they ended in a 18 to 18 tie!! no over time! a jet was flying over the score board...thought that was apro. for the NEWTOWN JETS.or as they says it "NEWDOWN" jets with the accent in full effect...

PALM BEACH with NICOLE!! sunday was nature day!wvl

we hiked all the way to the light tower then did a little round about hike thru the bush!!
couldn't BELIEVE how blue/turq the water was!!!!!

BEST WEEKEND!!! are some select pics!



Ok SOOOO i had to FAN OUT!!...NEIL HALSTEAD was at this show friday night!
He has a solo album out...Chris told me he is the guy from SLOWDIVE AND MOJAVE 3!!!
OMGGGGGGG 2 OF MY FAV BANDS ALL TIME!!! CHECK 'EM OUT!! they are old skool...i
jammed out to these guys back in my early college days...the drowning, weary, harmonious
sound is just numbing to my brain in a REALLY good way!!...ahhhh i can just remember when i was
a lifeguard back at summer camp...while all the campers were at lunch i would go in the pool area
lock the doors, crank the SLOWDIVE and dip in the pool as the bright sun beats down letting the
water slowly chill my body inch by inch..feeling every inch...then drifting away underwater as the music
sounded fainter and cloudy than it already did...
floating at first then letting the water engulf me as i sink down slowly...that's just how this music
makes me feel...i had this memory, and thought to myself..I HAVE TO MEET HIM!!! i DID! ;)
he was stoked i knew about his early bands....i even tried to sing my favorite on to him...he didn't
remember the song....probably cause i was faded and singing like shit..he was like..OH HELL
NO!! hehhe


Met up with Chris Friday night, he hooked me up on my OZ b-day with a ticket in and a tequlia sunrise! THANKS FENN!!'s good to see a familiar face!..and just nice to hang, ;) also saw art of Ben brough's and harry Daily!..radddd...the show was really nice and chill..right on bondi beach! all chill except after i got off the train i took the bus 30 minutes the opposite way!
ahhhh so a 26$ cab ride later, i made the show! haha i learned the hard way..just because the bus says the right number doesn't mean it's going the right direction~!!! BLOODY HELL!
it's was a great night...