Monday, March 29, 2010

NEWTOWN JETS...went and saw some FOOTIE!!

Kimbo and i went and watched a high school FOOTIE (rugby) match..sat on the hill side drinking KB cans of beer...(prob equlivant to PBR)they had sausage sando's and nothing high tech about this digital score boards, it's like you stepped into the 70's..we cheered on the team..listened to an old bloak yellin his head off spraying spit...yelling for the other team "black and white dynamite, bloody hell fucking blah piss this and piss that" at the top of his lungssssssss!! hahahah sooo funny they ended in a 18 to 18 tie!! no over time! a jet was flying over the score board...thought that was apro. for the NEWTOWN JETS.or as they says it "NEWDOWN" jets with the accent in full effect...

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