Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011


ok yes i did love watching FLAVOR oF LOVE but my NETFLIX says i would like FLAVOR OF LOVE "because i enjoyed"
PRECIOUS...WOW...too funny..this gives me hope that computers won't actually take over the world one day!


the moon was LEGENDARY this weekend!!
if you didn't see it..YOUR CRAZYYYYYYY!!!

whoooo's the foxxxy lady...?

i have to thank FERGIE FERG and the BEP's....

thank you BEP's for bringing back 90's house undertones with a FRESH two thousand and ten not two thousand and
late...Fergies voice melts thru my ears like a little rave angel dancing on my shoulder!...or like will ferrell on a unicorn,
this song kept me treking on my 8 mile kept me going strong...i had to stop myself from busting out skipping and dancing along the beach path!!!...ok i lied i did skip and shake my shit a bit!! an older man was running along just barely creeping by running so slow..i had that song on in my head phones..i looked over and gave him the BIGGEST smile
with a thumbs up, pretty sure by the grin on his face that made his day!!...thanks to BEP's!!

Dang dana introduced me to that amazingness and that's another reason why i love the song so much because
it reminds me of our epic drive to mammoth "car RAVING" hard even dancing with other cars passing by!
ahhh i miss my lorianne!!!

he!!o ye!!o

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bike like DISCO is now a dream come true!!


The morning after the JAPAN quake Flo and i decided to take a closer look...(sorry mom)
we arrived at RIVER JETTIES the water was very still and calm and not moving sure enough around 9:45am
we saw a surge (1st video) come in fast then 10-15 minutes later it surged back out (2nd video)
In the first video you can hear the Choppers above alaming us to clear the area...
Pretty amazing but more like a beautiful disaster...mother nature is a professional.
The people, heros, victims, spirit, and land are in our thoughts and hearts.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

HALF marathon training going well!

wow technology is amazing! I have been tracking my activity on my phone with RUN KEEPER, it's cool to see how i am improving or what mornings i was more tired than others!! I have ran 6 miles without stopping, so far that the furthest i have ran..WOW anything is possible! 8 miles to go this weekend...each weekend it gets longer and longer, but i will never run the full 13 miles until the actual day!! SO the program helps me bulid up to that point and to do it with out hurting yourself! TOO COOL! i am confident i can do the 8 miles..i should be around a 9-10 min/mile pace..some days are better than others!!

If you told me a few months ago i would be training for a half marathon, i woulda laughed in your face!!
more updates to come!! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! the Marathon is MAY 1st!!

((JAPAN in our hearts))

Friday, March 11, 2011

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ebay's been getting good...


oh my... what did i do?!

I just signed up for a CINCO DE MAYO half marathon!'s for a good cause (cancer)...nothing to loose everything to gain!
anyone wanna join?! in IRVINE may 1st...13.1 miles!!!!!!!

and call me for more details!!

now that's a LIVING room!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011