Sunday, March 20, 2011

i have to thank FERGIE FERG and the BEP's....

thank you BEP's for bringing back 90's house undertones with a FRESH two thousand and ten not two thousand and
late...Fergies voice melts thru my ears like a little rave angel dancing on my shoulder!...or like will ferrell on a unicorn,
this song kept me treking on my 8 mile kept me going strong...i had to stop myself from busting out skipping and dancing along the beach path!!!...ok i lied i did skip and shake my shit a bit!! an older man was running along just barely creeping by running so slow..i had that song on in my head phones..i looked over and gave him the BIGGEST smile
with a thumbs up, pretty sure by the grin on his face that made his day!!...thanks to BEP's!!

Dang dana introduced me to that amazingness and that's another reason why i love the song so much because
it reminds me of our epic drive to mammoth "car RAVING" hard even dancing with other cars passing by!
ahhh i miss my lorianne!!!

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