Sunday, March 13, 2011

HALF marathon training going well!

wow technology is amazing! I have been tracking my activity on my phone with RUN KEEPER, it's cool to see how i am improving or what mornings i was more tired than others!! I have ran 6 miles without stopping, so far that the furthest i have ran..WOW anything is possible! 8 miles to go this weekend...each weekend it gets longer and longer, but i will never run the full 13 miles until the actual day!! SO the program helps me bulid up to that point and to do it with out hurting yourself! TOO COOL! i am confident i can do the 8 miles..i should be around a 9-10 min/mile pace..some days are better than others!!

If you told me a few months ago i would be training for a half marathon, i woulda laughed in your face!!
more updates to come!! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! the Marathon is MAY 1st!!

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