Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wow...Vanessa Bruno

anyone have $1,494?

I have IS-SHOES...

i have issues with shoes...cause i want the expensive ones all the time!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BACK IN THE U.S.S.A.!!!!!!

it's good to be back...i missed all my crazy friends...boy oh boy did they break me in HARD!!!
jet lag and a hang over on the first day i came back to the VOLCOM office...omg

Thursday, April 22, 2010

enter the prism

wish it was really on my skirt!!!....hummmmm faux prism print!!

where the magic happens!

i spent 7 weeks at this little desk with my little lappy, sitting by the infamous JAMES BROWNE aka YOUNG JAMIE aka JB-HI-FI aka funny man with mad skills!!!!!!!!

last day in the VOLCOM ozfest ;(

i love these bloody aussie's and i will miss them dearly...

we ended up at the COURTY in Newtown (newdown with aussie accent)...had massive joke battles for about 2 hours! i have some new ones!! LOOK OUT USA!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well it's closing in fast on my last week here, I know everyone is going to want to hear "Hurricane" stories...I don't have any Hurricane stories, barely even a tornado, maybe a gusty
wind...not necessarily by choice! haha The weather down unda had a different plan for me...
instead i return from OZ with "Emily" stories..most of which i have already posted, but no one knows about my biggest most amazing journey!!

I have been walking north, riding buses south, biking east, taking ferries west, going left, hoping to be right, ending up wrong, kinda drunk, mostly sober, gazing up at the sky, swimming underwater with the fish, but the most important journey was the one within. as cheesy as it sounds, it's the story i needed most...for anyone who cares about reading my biggest story; that is it!

My restart button has been pushed refreshing my passion for my job and the love of long will it last? That's my next journey upon returning from OZ!

Should of bought those red shoes i was drooling over! (ruby red)

new i-D mag tears..aaahhhmazeeeing

Monday, April 19, 2010



I went snorkeling at Shelly Beach! I love just floating, it's so easy in the salt water... so mello and
relaxing watching all the fish up close underneath me and swimming along side them...I even saw a sea turtle shell! It was a skeleton..all white and lifeless, saw tons of little black and yellow striped fish...
looked like fat, smashed bumble bee's with fins! the reef was covered in this sea weed dancing soo gracefully with the tides out and back...the colors were amazing with burnt oranges covered in rusty purples complimented by the off white white coral-y sprial looking shells laying around...the sun above left a blanket reflection moving on the ocean floor that moved to the same beat as the sea weed...i felt like i was on the moon!?! dessert?!..sooo still and peaceful almost like i was floating in the air...the water was so clear i had to remember that i was in the water! i would be moving along and a fish would pop out of the weed and make me jump...there were so many that were SOO well camo'ed in the purples and oranges...i didn't even realize they were hanging out right below me!
i was looking out for the "Dusky" Sharks that I was told live right where i was snorkeling! I did see a MASSIVE school of fish..i swam RIGHT above them looking down was mental! i dove under to get a closer look, they barely budged!! i got so close...they didn't care...they were more massive than i was..why would they be scared of me!?
the fish were about the length of my fore-arm, grey, with some yellow on their tail, and take that times i swam closer and along them...they started to drift and create like a stream flowing rather than just a massive blob! soo mental!!!!! i wanna do it again and again!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


on the bus this morning i saw a rainbow all the way around the sun! it wasn't even raining or hasn't rained in days!..i am going to look into how this!
i was sooo happy that it came up in my photos!!..such an amazing sight i have never seen!

night light...

for my sis...

you have the snow..i have the palm
trees...we know how to keep them together..

GO ANDRES GO!!!! nephew Andres is a star!!! LOOK AT HIM GO!!! can't wait to give him his gift from OZ!! he is gonna love it! i miss my family...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010