Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well it's closing in fast on my last week here, I know everyone is going to want to hear "Hurricane" stories...I don't have any Hurricane stories, barely even a tornado, maybe a gusty
wind...not necessarily by choice! haha The weather down unda had a different plan for me...
instead i return from OZ with "Emily" stories..most of which i have already posted, but no one knows about my biggest most amazing journey!!

I have been walking north, riding buses south, biking east, taking ferries west, going left, hoping to be right, ending up wrong, kinda drunk, mostly sober, gazing up at the sky, swimming underwater with the fish, but the most important journey was the one within. as cheesy as it sounds, it's the story i needed most...for anyone who cares about reading my biggest story; that is it!

My restart button has been pushed refreshing my passion for my job and the love of long will it last? That's my next journey upon returning from OZ!

Should of bought those red shoes i was drooling over! (ruby red)

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  1. oh em, i am happy to know you have 'emily' stories! haha. i miss you. america misses you! go america!