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Saturday, February 26, 2011

bike like disco in the sun vs. wind

it all started this actually last night when i went to PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS to see if my old Burton snowboard has
sold it didn't (geez it's been there a year!) anyways out of the corner of my eye in between two treadmills...there she was my future bike...ohhhahhh ohhhaahhh!! it felt as if baby jesus rode it there himself just for me to lay my eyes was used for sure with scratches and all but in my eyes it was sparkling like a disco ball just waiting for me to dance with it into the was white and this most amazing retro blue a faded colbalt blue...SOOO ME (i have clothes that match it)...straight from the 80's..21 speed..not a damn way...i need breaks in my life and LOTS of speed options..ya know..
i just pictured re-taping the handles with a faded hot pink color...OMGGGGGG this is mine...
i pulled it out the tires were flat..the toe clip straps were shredded and the clips broken...can i take this for a spin!?
he pumped up the jam...then i took off in the parking lot..LOVE at first ride!! the young worker boy explained it was a mens bike and it's a bit too big for me..i was like WHAT??!! no way..i can ride's fine!..the price was 350$ he said he would give it to me for 300$ cash..but i didn't have he put it on hold for me and i would go to the bank and get it in the morning!
i got home and all i could think about was getting my bike in the am...and how i was worried someone might try to buy it!!
I looked up the make and model was going for $1,000-600 new and some on ebay were cheapest $500...i was getting a deal! and my height i should ride a 54cm it was a 56cm..i wasn't going to let 2 cm stop me...i even had a dream that i went back to the bike shop and they painted it BROWN!! BLAHHHHH omg..who would do that...i was sooo pissed in my dream it felt real..i was happy to wake up and realize i was trippin in my dream world!

so i got up threw some clothes on went to the bank got money...went to the the bike, he said 380$..i said NOOO
the guy told me i could have it for $300 cash!..he said oh yeah ok IT"S MINE!!!!!!! i looked around just to look at my old friend the burton board..i couldn't see it..i asked the guy..he said it's not here!! WERID...ok and he gave me $60 for it!!
YESSS so because of my old board that was stuck there for a year..i got my dream bike!!

So i went for a run to get it outta the way..all i could think about was my new bike! and getting home and going for a ride!
so i ran fast home...hopped on her and AAAAHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH heaven on earth is my new favorite...i couldn't believe how fast i was going..i have been riding my little BMX shit kicker for awhile which i love from elvis..but man oh man...
this was a whole other level!

i went on the bike path by the beach CRUISING listening to TIESTO and PHANTOGRAM on my the clouds were bigger than mountains and smaller than cars...i saw a frog riding a cat on the fluffy horizon...the kite boarder kites whippin around like giant bumble bees stuck in a huge jar...i was flying and floating...the sun beaming down warming my back in between gusts of cold wind gazing across my face like a pinch to remind me that i wasn't dreaming...i went until the path ran out..felt like i could of gone FOREVER!! but i turned around and realized why i was flying and floating soo amazingly...THE WIND!! haha now working against the wind was a workout.. those spinning classes are paying off!! my thighs push it real good...daaa da dadaaaa dat da da daaaa
like petaling thru peanut butter..ohh that sounds good...what a wonderful happy day so far...i had to write it out!!
if i would of know how amazing a road bike would make me feel i would of bought one along time ago...
just go disco

Sunday, February 20, 2011


i just watched "CATFISH" a documentary...i haven't seen a more profound, emotion provoking, interesting documentary ever...
it had me on the EDGE of my brain the whole time...soooooooooo insane...didn't know if i should cry or laugh..i did both...
you will fall in love with NEV, i sure did and so did someone else...

SO SEE THIS MOVIE..BUT DON'T LOOK UP TOO MUCH ABOUT IT...the less you know the better...
AND one more reason i am glad i haven't crossed over to the dark side (yup facebook)

Rainbow moon

Ice crystals in the clouds reflecting the moon light... make rainbow prism!! Gorgeous!!

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