Tuesday, March 16, 2010

there is something LIBERATING...

there is something LIBERATING about not having immediate transportation...it's wicked...i don't have my little VW GTI by my side to
buzz me around everywhere i want to go..even down the street...it's really kinda cool...i have been biking, walking and hitching lift's
from friends! There are LOTS of hills..wow..i have been doing spin class back home alot..WAY DIFFERENT than riding an actual bike.,
i am huffing and puffing..i get to work and i am all sweaty and outta breath!! there are some serious hills, but what goes up must
come down! so it's either a fast ride or slow climb!! WOW I LOVE IT!! totally fun and interesting!
Alison has been a gem..taking me here and there!! But i like being relient on myself...just a thought!!!

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  1. hell yeah i couldnt agree more. Now that Im downtown I walk with siouxsie everywhere. I dont have to worry about parking and I get my excersize, pushing the stroller up hills and all...high five!