Sunday, March 14, 2010

Something to be said...

there is something to be said about doing your passion in another environment!!
I love art again! i have actually been painting and drawling! surroundings
are so different and inspiring, EVEN the mall down the street is amazing...

I am loving exploring and getting lost on the streets...and getting lost in my mind!
WHERE IS MY MIND? haha i spent half the weekend in SYDNEY shopping and
bar hopping, alot of ME time...then the other half nature mania by the beach!
FRESHWATER beach, it's just barely north of manly!..a 5 minute walk from my place!!!

I have been borrowing my friends bike to venture around's soooo
gorgeous! PINE trees right along the beach...but there are defo some hills...i am getting a workout! rode down a park path then turned a gnarly corner...and WHAM..
the most amazing ocean view!! the blue gradient of the water was soo INSANE!
it went from like a light turquoise color to a bright chromatic blue to a deep almost navy blue as you look out to the horizon..that with the crashing white waves in the mix...and the rocky cliff side, WOW!!

I have found the most amazing YOGHURT all over in OZ!
I am addicted to it...i like it almost as much as i like jalepenos..and since those are kinda hard
to find here, this YOGHURT (yes..that's how they spell it) will do..i have fruit or granola on top,
HEAVEN!...OHHH AND they have the most amazing DELI'S with amazing salads!!!!
can i say "amazing" one more time?'s amazing! i ate a salad that had EVERYTHING i love all in one salad...i don't think they could of squeezed anything else in!..ok it was missing jalenpenos, but that's IT! and everywhere you go has LAMB!! it's like normal...i have had so
many LAMB sandy's...yeahhhhhh MEAT!

I went for a run along the water yesterday..waves crashing on the cliff side as i run by..most
all the beaches have pool's beside them! they are seriously right on the ocean!

I am getting used to the lingo here..everything is shortened, everything has a nickname,..
for instance, there is a SALVATION ARMY down the street i am gonna go to for lunch.,.,
the sign says "SALVOS"...everything has an "O'" on the end or an "Y"...even basic things
not just people...and i keep thinking in AUSSIE mind is like "i recon i should take my towel to the beach" or "omg i have heaps of work to do"...but i haven't said it out loud..yet..oh man...i don't wanna sound like an idiot..speaking OZ but with american accent! but i have a feeling it's gonna slip!

anyways...needless to say i am having a much needed trip like this!


  1. wow your making me want to go to the beach! and I dont even like the beach but the one your at sounds dope as fuck.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)