Friday, February 19, 2010

Fox walking in heels at 1:30am...

I got home late from eating pizza and drinking wine with friends and as I walked down my long stretch of drive way I started to hone in my ears, trying to hear something other than the loud clanking of the heels on my boots...So i started fox walking...sounds weird but i had to reconnect with my coyote instincts... i lifted my heels up from the ground walking on just the balls of my feet, i wanted to hear SOMETHING..also had to take advantage of my fun little wine buzz!! it was AMAZING what i could hear...NOTHING! silence..i could not believe how quite it was! in the middle of suburban costa mesa..not a dog, plane, car, wind, or human! !...i heard BIRDSSSSSS chirping away..soo pretty not the annoying CAW CAW crows..just the little pretty chatting alarm mating calls...just tweets back and forth...sooo peaceful!
i realized if anyone saw me out their window, they must of saw a crazy woman looking like she's about to attack something! COUGAR! hehe stupid story or not...i felt like typing it this morning!!

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