Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i love this...being connected without even being in the same place!
last night i texted (no photo) a ton of people to check out the moon!
we were far away but looking at the same thing...keep connected with
each other and the earth! it's interesting how many texts i got back!
a couple from Oregon and a bunch from OC!!! some went out and looked at it
after getting the text...RADDDD the moon was killer last night!!

does anyone remember AMERICAN TAIL?! "some where out there!!" sis and i used to sing that song like crazy!

MOON connections are so hot right now!!


  1. i dudnt get a text??? howeveri do remember amercan tail..that movie makes me cry every time!!

  2. haha, "moon connections are so hot right now!!"
    former couple from oregon, now the couple in canada