Thursday, November 17, 2011

this is just horrible

i love dolphins and raves so much, to think of a rave killing a dolphin is just horrible! it's like you can't have one without the other!
pretty sure i have seen dolphins at raves swimming in my head...i hate raves for doing this...esp b/c of my recent dreams i have been having...i had a very vivid dream about me falling down a cliff in a moving truck i stole from Volcom onto the most colorful rainbow-riffic coral reef full of jumping dolphins EVERYWHERE!!! then i had my camera and was taking pictures of the dolphins
and they actually smiled big for the photo!...OK NOW REALITY: one day after that i was running w ida on the Long beach bike path at 6am and i saw a pod of dolphins jumping and swimming along! you know how many times i run in the am and never see dolphins?!?! SOO RAD!!
another night i dreamt i was at a house in hawaii and i looked outside and the waves were breaking RIGHT in front of the house..went outside on the deck and to my amazement there was a dolphin
trying to jump up on the deck...i was like "NOOO you will die"...but it did it anyways...oh yeah and the face of the dolphin was
painted like lady gaga's face...with white makeup and a star around it's eye...what does all this mean?! am i reverting back to
my 12yr old self?! is lisa frank sponsoring dream's now or what?! not complaining..i love my dreams they are so vivid and
colorful...i hate waking up! then Sara sends me this sad news of raves killing dolphins..NO!!!

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