Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am up, can't sleep, so i decided to read. My dad gave me this book "MUTANT MESSAGE DOWN UNDER" right before I went to Australia...of course i didn't read it. (I wanted to read all the Chelsea Handler books instead! haha) anyways this book was in my night stand beside my bed tonight..I grabbed it and started reading. There is a quote by the author on the first page that reads:
"Born empty handed, Die empty handed. I witnessed life at it's fullest, Empty handed." -Marlo Morgan -this quote stayed swimming in my head a bit. I thought about all the AMAZING journeys in my life, how many good times i have had; low and behold I don't remember what i was wearing or what car i was driving, it was about who i was with and what i was doing. I kind of knew this already but the quote put it into perspective. Then i started to think about my blog and why i do it...i love music, art and fashion; it IS a self expression and i cannot live without...UGHGHGHGH but it's just a bunch of fluff around who we really are...sometimes (myself included) we get lost on working on the outside appearance and forget about our inside!! I was just compelled to share this and I am totally hooked after only reading a chapter of this book. It's a true story of a 50 yr. old woman (fashion clad woman) traveling to Australia who ends up on an unexpected 4 month walkabout with the Aboriginal people. The first chapter she is stripped of her clothing and wrapped in cloth, she has to exist in her own will they judge her now?...empty handed.

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