Monday, October 11, 2010

ZIP IT!!!!

I just got an email from my Dad; he booked my sister, myself and him on a 3 hour
ZIP LINE canopy tour in Hocking Hills OHIO!!! OMGGGGG I AM SOO EXCITED!!!
the best part is that i haven't been back to OHIO in the FALL time in 7 1/2 years!!
The trees are going to be INSANE! the leaves are going to be BRIGHT red, neon orange,
and crazy yellow!

I will never forget my dad harnessing my sister and i up when we were like 3 and 5
years old and sending us FLYING down a zip mom and grandpa weren't too
happy with my dad....ha ha if there is anyone in life that takes risks and lives life to the fullest
IT'S MY DAD!!!! ahhhh can't wait to be back in OHIO--FALL TIME!!!!

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