Wednesday, April 7, 2010

run on sentences for everyone!!

well teridactyl flew in to see me and we have been on a, taking pictures, eating. seeing the sights, and shopping!! We have ran into sooo many opossums in tree
's here!! we thought they were WOMBATS..or a pergs would say.."MARSUPIALS"....but asked the front desk guy at our hotel...he said they were opossums! the look on our faces were like "really??!!" i guess we wanted them to be some rare thing that we only see...they are climbing all around upside down hanging by their tails eating the leaves!! i got soe good pics of them...but silly me i left my camera cord in manly!! UGHHH i have so many things to SNOOP BLOGGY BLOG!
but for now i can tell you how amazing it is to have a buddy by my side! i have been kinda on my own for a it's nice to have a partner in crime...esp my fav cemeteri...we figured out the trams..have been walking too INSANE...walking so much that an old foot injury has come back to haunt me, but hell no i won't let that slow me down...which is making it worse...ughghggh it's banana's...
long time ago i slammed my foot HARD into the car door and it feels like it again...(mike z MIGHT remember this)
We keep thinking what if KK AND JAMIE were here!!!!! everytime we see a's JAMIE...everytime we see a frenchy's KK...AHAHHAHAH we miss them those bitches!! but there is always next time ;) Melbs is sooo rad!!! we hit up St. kilda, chapel st., the beach,
we are headed downtown today....prob gonna go to an aquarium see some FISHES!
the money is defo running i have been loosing a bit more weight..and trying to slow down on eating HEAPS OF AMAZING FOOD!!!!!! ughghgh haha...low on funds is working for my wallet and my belt!...

Also i can't stop doing artwork!!! i am on the biggest roll of my life!! all i can think about is doing this and doing that...we go home at night to our hotel room and i am on the computer designing..and pergs is drawing VOLCOM graphics for me...might have her as a featured artist with her killer hand drawn "VOLCOM" written out like spaghetti as it winds around a fork and chop sticks...and written below the VOLCOM is "global 2010"...she is soo inspiring!! haha
but no really..i can't stop doing are some designs i have came up with above:

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  1. Hope you girls are having an amazing time...sounds like you are!
    Keep the blogs coming Em, I love looking at your blog first thing in the makes me smile :)
    xo V